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Bye Spaces

Hi peep’s, Sorry to see live spaces going. I have a wordpress already that I use for some blogging, and will soon upgrade this one.
Thank’s everyone for popping onto my space and making it what it was,, live spaces was the best time I had online. I still think there the best, it’s a great shame they are going. Thank’s to the spaces team for the spaces I had, It was a educational and intresting time.
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Just a quick blog.


Hi peep’s, not been on my space for a while so thanks for popping by with your comments and pics it’s good to see my space is still here after all that time, it go’s so quickly. Well here’s a quick blog to let you know that every thing is ok. I have just been busy with the house and kid’s and any free time I have spent making planes. I have been trying to get into and understand some of the new things available. The model airplane world has really changed over the last couple of years with new technologies. I have not been in the local club for a while so I have been getting everything ready to go flying again with bigger planes. The small electric ones I have played around with over the last couple of years are now are now old fashioned compared to the new ones I have been building. The radio and motors available now really have moved on. I will blog some of it at time’s.

 Anyway thank’s again peep’s and I will get around to your spaces soon. Keep in touch. from Spence.


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Name Nasa’s Latest space Telescope


Nasa is giving the public a chance to name there latest space telescope. The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST). The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2008. So hurry up and pop over to the Nasa website to submit your choice. Here is a link to the submissions page. Click Here.


(Glast image)

Have a nice day from Spence.
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Using Spaces. “Module’s” getting started. changing your space web address.

The first module to add to your new live space, should be the getting started module. Click on customize on top your space and then click on "add modules" in the fall down. When your space reloads you will see the module tab is open. You will find the getting started module in there. click on it to add it to your space.
When you have added it to your space click "save" at the top of your space
You will now see the contents of the module. Your visitors cannot see the module when they view your space, its just a module of space tool’s for your live space.
The first thing you can do is change your space address. Click on the Icon and a window will open you can now choose your own web address for your space.It will check for availability.
Once you have chosen your new space address you cannot change it again. The icon will no longer be in the module.
You can now use the module to make your first blog, add photos, edit your profile, and change your spaces permissions "who can view your space" you can also add list. When you click on the list icon
You will have a choice of list’s to add to your space.
You can also take a tour of spaces
When you have seen the intro you can click on the icons at the bottom of the spaces tour page to have a quick tour of the features
When you are finished with the module you can click on the cross at the top of the module and it will be hidden. There is no spanner icon on this module. You can now add your blog’s and photos ect in the conventional way.
For more on changing your web address visit…. Hack MSN Spaces | Dev.
"Have a great day"
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Happy Mothers Day…Real Live Moms

Happy Mothers day to all the live spaces moms hope you have a great Mothers day.
Here is a special website just for Real Live Moms Click here.
Have a nice day from Spence  
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The Saturday Rant. Whats up with your profile images..

Well peeps have you noticed the amount of new spacers who have not uploaded there profile picture. Its quite suprizing, its simple to do. I have explained the simple steps for using a profile module in my using spaces list. If you have problems getting a profile picture of yourself into your pc or something then just search around on google or image websites like bigoo ws or messenger freaks ect. and use a suitable image, practically anything will do. Just right click over the image and then "save picture as" in the falldown. You can then save the image to your PC picture folder. You can then click on browse when editing your profile and upload the picture you found.
There are lots of well established spaces who have only used images for there profile. such as Marcel of world live spaces, Myself, and One live alien to mention a few.
It is important to use an image in your profile or
We all look the blooming same, LOL.
Take care peeps see you soon from Spence 
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